Daily Archives: June 24, 2009

McBride is a listed company which acts as a “supplier of own-brand products to supermarkets”. Fascinating.

But what is curious is that its share price fell sharply in mid-April just as the fortunes of Westminster’s Damian McBride slumped. (He quit on April 11). A weird co-incidence? Read more

Anyone hoping that John Bercow would fall flat in his first session of prime minister’s questions (Tory MPs, for example) would have been disappointed. Read more

The charge against Gordon Brown is that his promise of future investment – instead of cuts – is cloud cuckoo land given the grim public finances. You may think this unfair.

But here is the verdict of the governor of the Bank of England today when asked about the national deficit: Read more

PMQs is drawing to a close. Crash. Smash. Thud. That is the sound of a prime minister caught in an elephant trap – and one of his own making. Read more