Daily Archives: August 3, 2009

A group called Tescopoly (set up to defy the grocery giant) points out:

“We are very interested in these comments seeing as previously Cameron has spoken of the need to make trade fairer between supermarkets and farmers* and publicly supported calls for a watchdog.  Read more

A rebellion is brewing on the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), a Caribbean paradise that is bracing for the re-imposition of the British colonial yoke.

After an inquiry found evidence of “systemic corruption” in the island’s government, British ministers decided it was time to move back to direct rule. Preparations are advanced and the British governor is poised to take over, but the final act has been delayed by legal challenges related to the inquiry. Read more

Harriet Harman can’t let the gender issue drop (see yesterday’s blog). Now she has called for more women on the boards of financial services groups. Fair enough. Read more

Rantzen, prospective independent candidate for Luton South, already has a good line in political nuance, judging by her Q&A session in today’s Independent.

A reader asked: “I think honesty is vital in an MP. Have you ever had any plastic surgery?” Read more