Daily Archives: September 15, 2009

He finally said it. There will be cuts. But Gordon Brown waited until he was nearly half an hour into his speech to admit it. (Bottom of page 7 out of 8).

And he wedged the stuff about deficit, hard choices, sustainable finances, cutting costs into a handful of paragraphs. The rest of the speech was the usual glorious talk about saving the global economy, the national economy and the range of initiatives which Labour has thrown out in the last year. And – to be fair – there were two genuinely big policy pledges. Read more

The GMB and Unison are denying that they are in talks to form a new super-union to rival Unite for scale and influence. Both have large public sector membership and there is obvious overlap.

The denials are strange because I thought I heard officials openly discussing the issue last night. Admittedly, it was late, and beer had been drunk. Even so. I’ve had a true story denied by a union before: it happens.

The battle of ideas has been conceded by Brown Dizzy Thinks

Leadership fun and games New Statesman Read more