Daily Archives: September 23, 2009

Sorry, I forgot to mention the real killer warning from Charles Clarke:

“A resounding defeat of the type many predict if we fail to change our approach would lead to a real collapse of our party, which would have few resources and all the potential for bitter internecine conflict following defeat. It is by no means clear that we could succeed in pulling ourselves around as we did with such difficulty through the 1980s and early 1990s.”

I said I’d pass on the highlights of the Clarke speech (he is talking right now): Here are a few of his thoughts in potted form. I was most struck by his warning about Labour’s finances and by Brown’s refusal to come clean on the fact that the crash was not only caused by mysterious global forces.

He describes…. Read more

You may have thought that the dust had settled on the public spending row after the Tories last week obtained a Treasury document showing plans for departmental cuts of 9.3 per cent over four years. This seemed to prove that Labour promises of further investment were a smokescreen at best.

Could Gordon Brown deny that this was the case? It was hard to rouse anyone from Downing Street to rubbish the 9.3 per cent figure last week. After all, it is there in black and white in a government document. Read more

The impact of Charles Clarke’s criticism of Gordon Brown has diminished somewhat with time and repetition. That said, his latest salvo against the prime minister could not be more clear – and it adds to the pressure on Brown.

Here is the Clarke interview in the Standard. Read more