Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

Michael Portillo, former darling of the Tory party*, is set to join a new advisory board at Portland, the PR firm**. In some ways it seems a shrewd move for founder Tim Allan, seen for a long while as a Blairite figure. Allan used to be a deputy to Alastair Campbell at 10 Downing Street. Read more

Plenty of ministers will be thinking about what to do after the election, should their career in politics start to look less promising.

They could find some inspiration from Tom DeLay, the Texan conservative who once ruled the roost in Congress as Republican majority leader. Read more

The perennial Obama snub story is back and it includes all the elements of farce that we have come to love. Did they really think the fifth call would make the difference? Was there anywhere for them to sit down in the kitchen? Or was the pow-wow too short to bother?

It is understandably being seen in the context of the Lockerbie furore and a prime minister who looks like his days are numbered. To be fair to Gordon Brown, most of the economic policymaking is probably settled, or can be finalised at the G20. And Obama isn’t seeing any European leaders. But there is one very good reason for a serious meeting to take place: Afghanistan. Read more

Does Gaddafi resemble Michael Jackson? Gideon Rachman ruminates

Was Gordon Brown snubbed by Barack Obama or not? Yes, says the Telegraph Read more

More on this if and when confirmation comes. 10 Downing Street are saying Vadera is still a minister “as we speak”; but for how much longer?

UPDATE Read more

Gordon Brown has endured a hat-trick of rejection by Jon Cruddas, stalwart of the Labour Left. I’m told that during the frenzied June reshuffle there was an approach to JC to join Brown’s beleagured government – and he said no again. Read more