Daily Archives: September 28, 2009

Labour is clearly sparing every expense in Brighton. The party is so cash-strapped that it has forced its staff to show solidarity and share hotel rooms. Oh the conference spirit!

No doubt, in decades to come, they will look back at slumming it with fond memories. But for now they are distinctly unimpressed. “It’s lucky our hours are so long that we don’t need a bed,” one moaned. Read more

I paused before writing a blog in defence of Gordon Brown this morning; regular readers will know it doesn’t happen so often.

But now Channel 4 have interviewed the man who wrote the original blog starting the allegations about Brown’s health. “I still have no more proof than anyone else,” the blogger tells Krishnan Guru-MurthyRead more

A classic photo (copyright Charlie Bibby) of Andrew Marr being harangued – or vice-versa – by Ian Austin, loyal Parliamentary ally to Gordon Brown. Could it be anything to do with yesterday’s interview?

From the Welch* twitter:

“Gordon Brown looks like a failing businessperson on way out a– “dead man walking”. It is sad to watch self confidence ooze out of anyone.”

 Read more

In the end it was a BBC interview which opened the floodgates; the newspapers were full of gleeful headlines this morning about Gordon Brown and whether or not he has been taking prescription drugs.

No matter that 10 Downing St has been denying it for weeks. Nor that there is no shred of public evidence to suggest that the prime minister has been using anti-depressants (as the rumour suggests). Read more

Denis Macshane, former Europe minister, says the Brighton conference reminds him of the sci-fi/horror film District 9, where aliens are treated badly at the hands of the human race. I presume that he’s referring to the press criticism of Gordon Brown and the Labour party.

“The prawns are badly treated and kicked around and all they want to do is get their star ship and escape,” explains Macshane. Read more

I was awoken at midnight on Friday night by an enraged Labour press officer who couldn’t believe my gall in reporting the fact that the party had only sold 330 tickets for its conference dinnerRead more