Daily Archives: September 29, 2009

For those who care, Will Straw has a “word cloud” which shows which words cropped up the most.

3.33 Well, that’s it folks. The prime minister has kissed his wife. The delegates are on their feet. They’ve been told that their “abiding duty” is to “stand, and fight, and win, and serve”. They’ve been shown the sunny uplands and been told to “never stop believing in the good sense of the British people”. Because the task is difficult “the triumph will be even greater”, he promises. It seems to have all gone down well in the hall.
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It is rare for a conference speech to win the praises of Matthew Engel, our political sketchwriter, whose shrewd observations are up there with the best of his trade.

But even he ponders this morning whether the prospect of PM for PM is now more likely after what was universally seen as a great speech yesterday by Lord Mandelson. “Yesterday morning I would have laughed in your face. Right now I am not quite so sure,” he says. Read more

It’s always struck me as a tad strange how the political winds blow behind certain individuals – and then shift direction within days. It wasn’t long ago that the entire Westminster bubble was discussing the idea of Alan Johnson (“the postie”, as he is described by some of Gordon Brown’s loyalists) as a future Labour leader. Now the winds appear to be behind Ed Miliband, after he was endorsed by Derek Simpson and a few others. There is often no rhyme or reason behind the shifts. One day’s hero is tomorrow’s zero – and vice versa. Is the younger Miliband really a rising star, or are you just repeating something you heard over coffee this morning? I’ve no idea.

Anyway, Charlie Bibby has captured this shot of Johnson’s speech at conference this morning. It speaks for itself. Read more