Daily Archives: October 4, 2009

David Cameron faces a horrible decision if the Lisbon treaty comes into force. A quick glance at the policy options makes it obvious why he doesn’t want to explain what he would do. Playing hardball runs the risk of wasting the first year (term?) of a Tory government in a fruitless European battle. The pragmatic route, however, will never satisfy his party. So what to do? Here’s a quick Q&A.

How can Cameron change the Lisbon treaty? Merely to start a formal renegotiation, Cameron would need to propose an Intergovernmental Conference and win the support of 14 countries – a simple majority of member states. Read more

Ben Hall, our man in Paris, has been talking to the French Europe minister about the Tories.

Pierre Lellouche’s quotes have had me chuckling all weekend. Here’s his response to the suggestion that the Tories may unpick the Lisbon treaty after it comes into force. Read more