Daily Archives: October 7, 2009

Seriously, I’m not making this up. At least Nick Robinson is not on his own.

A bottle of champagne from the FT blog for the first broadcaster to call Gordon Brown “leader of the opposition”.

Just waiting for the details – but this one sounds deliciously funny.

“Well the prime minister will once again want to focus on the big issue that George Osborne the shadow chancellor talked about, the deficit…” (In the context of talking about David Cameron).

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A cheap stunt, I know, but this attempt by the Mirror to foist some champagne on George Osborne is great fun to watch. And hats off to the selfless Osborne Praetorian guard.

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The environmental agenda was a key part of Cameron’s attempt to revive the Tory brand several years ago when he became party leader. Highlighting the impact of climate change on the Arctic went hand in hand with his broader call to let more “sunshine” into the Conservatives. Read more

The Board of Deputies of British Jews last night wrote to the Tories raising new questions about their allies in Poland and Latvia. But the letter was angrily dismissed by the Conservatives, who claimed the board had been swayed by “politically motivated allegations”.

The Latvian controversy (which was inflamed last week by David Miliband) centres around an annual memorial event for fallen soldiers from World War 2 – when many Latvians were conscripted by the Germans. Enemies of the Tories have spun this as some kind of Nazi-glorifying event and criticised Roberts Zile – leader of their Latvian allies – for attending it. Read more