Daily Archives: October 19, 2009

An intriguing story around today about “up to five” Labour MPs who could step down before the general election to prompt by-elections around the country. The idea, apparently, is to punish Gordon Brown for uncorking the Pandora’s Box that is the Legg investigation.

I’m sure some MPs are indeed making this threat. But down at the Stranger’s Bar this evening an old hand points out one obvious reason why they might not carry it out. Read more

I wrote this morning about environmental groups speaking out about their fears that the Tories won’t deliver on their green promises – despite Cameron’s baloney about “vote blue, go green” from a few years back.

Now, conversely, someone has pointed me towards the fact that the head of a major housebuilder has just warned that Tory housing policy is – in his words – “scary as hell”. The property industry was alarmed by a letter from Caroline Spelman to councils inviting them to sit on any applications they don’t like (or rather, that they feel have been imposed from above via regional targets) until after the general election. Obviously the likes of CPRE are much more enthusiastic. Read more

Bad news for UKIP over donation – told to repay £364,000 by court

Five Labour MPs to step down early to trigger by-elections? Read more