Daily Archives: October 20, 2009

A new ICM survey for tonight’s Guardian will deepen the gloom among Labour MPs. It suggests a three-figure majority for the Conservatives and Labour down to fewer than 200 seats.

Incidentally, only 13 per cent of those surveyed had any sympathy for MPs who feel they have been hard done by by the Legg review. Read more

The prime minister likes Kit Kats. That much is known. But a Q&A with Mumsnet – the mothers’ website – appeared to go badly last week when Brown was asked a dozen times what his favourite biscuit was; and did not answer.

The Times had a good piece on it on Saturday. This morning, their excellent commentator Rachel Sylvester criticised “Biscuitgate” as Gordon’s “latest disaster”. Read more

Brown, Cameron, and Clegg are answering questions – although separately – on diversity in parliament.

Further Reading: Read more