Daily Archives: November 9, 2009

Lots of feedback from Tory HQ on the Hancock email saga. The incident is clearly legendary in CCHQ. Here are some more titbits:

– The email Hancock turned away included much more than just the plans to lift inheritance tax. It covered every single announcement planned at the party’s annual conference. Mike Hancock could have scuppered the whole thing. Read more

The Infrastructure Planning Commission is much more important than it sounds. Read more

In politics, the initial error is often compounded by a refusal to accept total responsibility. And so it was during an “excruciating” 25-minute press briefing for lobby journalists this morning. Read more

Now here is a heart-warming tale of goodwill and political selflessness to start this cold winter day, a story of how a Lib Dem turned away an extraordinary piece of Tory intelligence and helped scupper Gordon Brown’s election plans.

Who is the man of honour in this a place of skulduggery and low politics? Arise Mike Hancock, the maverick Lib Dem MP for Portsmouth South. Read more