Daily Archives: November 10, 2009

There has been another flurry of speculation in Westminster over the risks to the UK’s AAA rating. Britain is only being spared from a downgrade because the sovereign credit rating agencies expect the Tories to be elected, at least according to Fraser Nelson and others. It’s an interesting argument — so interesting that I thought it was worth asking the credit ratings agencies directly. Here is my Q&A with Brian Coulton, Head of EMEA Sovereign Ratings at Fitch.

Q: Is the expectation of a Conservative victory at the general election a significant factor in calculating the UK’s sovereign credit rating?  Read more

Just watched John Major at the public administration committee. The former Tory prime minister hasn’t added much sparkle to his much-satirised monotone delivery.

But Tony Wright, committee chairman, seemed impressed by the open and almost radical nature of his suggestions. Read more