Daily Archives: November 27, 2009

It seems that Tory rising star Stephen Greenhalgh has been a little incautious in his choice of words, according to this trade magazine report of his comments at a recent event.

The Hammersmith & Fulham council leader suggested yesterday on a public podium* that some shadow Cabinet members may not have the experience to run the country. Read more

Greg Pope, the Blairite MP turned blogger, is distinctly unimpressed with Sir Jeremy Greenstock’s testimony at the Iraq Inquiry today:

It sounded like he’d had a terrible time when he was our man at the United Nations: kept out of the Blair-Bush loop, considered resigning, thought the war lacked legitimacy.  Read more

Hopi Sen is not impressed with Philip Blond

Ann Treneman is not impressed with Philip Blond Read more

I’ve just emerged from a stuffy Westminster room where Philip Hammond gave another of his “Doing More With Less”-type speeches.

His key point – apart from a new centralised property agency to rent out Whitehall back to the civil servants – was the claim that £60bn could be saved through greater productivity performance. Read more

MacDonald stands before hedge to lecture housewives on currency markets

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