Daily Archives: November 27, 2009

Jim Pickard

It seems that Tory rising star Stephen Greenhalgh has been a little incautious in his choice of words, according to this trade magazine report of his comments at a recent event.

The Hammersmith & Fulham council leader suggested yesterday on a public podium* that some shadow Cabinet members may not have the experience to run the country. Read more >>

Greg Pope, the Blairite MP turned blogger, is distinctly unimpressed with Sir Jeremy Greenstock’s testimony at the Iraq Inquiry today:

It sounded like he’d had a terrible time when he was our man at the United Nations: kept out of the Blair-Bush loop, considered resigning, thought the war lacked legitimacy.  Read more >>

Jim Pickard

Hopi Sen is not impressed with Philip Blond

Ann Treneman is not impressed with Philip Blond Read more >>

Jim Pickard

I’ve just emerged from a stuffy Westminster room where Philip Hammond gave another of his “Doing More With Less”-type speeches.

His key point – apart from a new centralised property agency to rent out Whitehall back to the civil servants – was the claim that £60bn could be saved through greater productivity performance. Read more >>

MacDonald stands before hedge to lecture housewives on currency markets