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Pimco, one of the world’s biggest bond funds, have followed up their decision to cut back on UK gilts by publicly deriding Labour’s existing deficit reduction plans. If Gordon Brown sticks to his plans, Pimco think there is an 80 per cent chance of a downgrade.

The irony of this is of course that Ed Balls’ brother Andrew (another fine former FT journalist) is currently in charge of managing Pimco’s European portfolio. Read more

Having been inspired by Steve Hilton’s call to arms on data visualisation tools, we’ve used Wordle to put together a word cloud of the guru’s strategy bulletins. As Steve would say, very cool. “It’s precisely this type of innovation that we want to unleash through our commitment to opening up government data,” he wrote. Indeed. We’re all for more transparency. Perhaps we can have the bulletins published online in future?

There has been a bit of a flap over Steve Hilton’s strategy bulletins, which have bemused and befuddled many of the Tory MPs who have received them. Francis Elliot has already done a fine job of picking out the best bits. But for those who want more — and in the interests of transparency — here they are in full.


Strategy Bulletin No.1 (16th October)

This week: Nobel Prize award shows intellectual backing for our ideas; our positive alternative to “big government”; Michael Gove explains the post-bureaucratic age; introducing the brilliant David Brooks Read more

Welcome back to the Westminster blog:

Today’s articles worth reading – to ease you into the pre-election Westminster hubbub – include: Read more