Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Today’s diversions meant I forgot to bring you one of PMQ’s highlights when Ann Winterton, the Tory backbencher, declared that this week’s cold weather was proof that climate change is a myth (I’m not sure it’s that straightforward Ann). Read more

One major cabinet minister who has kept his silence today is Alistair Darling, chancellor of the exchequer. Why? We know he is a friend of both Geoff Hoon and Bob Ainsworth (who, you may remember, was expected to resign last summer – but stayed for a cabinet promotion). Read more

I’ve spent the last few hours trawling Westminster to gauge the reactions to the Hoon-Hewitt rebellions. So far – I emphasise as of 3pm – it appears to be a damp squib.

Why: Read more

Here is the story in the Evening Standard.

The two former cabinet ministers are claiming that they are not trying to oust Gordon Brown necessarily. Read more

Anyone who enjoys both football and politics may face a tricky choice next spring. Rob Hayward, master psephologist – and now an adviser to the Tories on boundary issues – points out. He tells me that the quarterfinals and semifinals of the European Champions League will fall at about the same time as the three televised debates between Britain’s party leaders. Let’s hope the producers have already figured out this potential clash.