Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

The Tory poison pen letter writer is back. A blast against the “small clique” running the party, written on House of Commons headed paper, was sent to Tory MPs about ten days ago. Here is a pdf of it in full. The anonymous author claims to be a Tory MP but there is nothing to prove it, apart from a brief reference to some internal party meetings, which frankly any Labour MP could have known about. It could well be a rather clumsy attempt at deception and political dirty tricks.

The complaints — against “arrogant” advisers, “destroying” colleagues over expenses and freezing out MPs — echo the first poison pen letter in June, which by no means fomented a revolt. There are also some stylistic similarities which do suggest the same person is behind this — note the love of semi-colons and Soviet analogies (Cameron was “Stalinist” in the first letter while the second berates Osborne’s “KGB-like staff”). The difference this time is that it is longer, more spiteful and mainly directed at the “megalomaniac” George Osborne. Read more

I wrote in the FT this morning about Tory PPCs being sent by Steve Hilton on a course (last Thursday) to teach them about climate change. It’s a sign that the leadership are worried that Cameron’s backing for the green agenda is not shared across the Conservative party.

“Reducing Britain’s carbon footprint” is the lowest priority (out of 19) of 144 PPCs, according to this Conservative Home poll. Anne Winterton in a recent PMQs voiced the idea that heavy snow proved that climate change was a nonsense. Read more