Daily Archives: January 22, 2010

The question in Westminster today is whether George Osborne – on the Today programme – softened the Tory position on Obama’s banking reforms.

It’s the wrong question. The right one should be: Did Osborne last night temporarily harden the Tory position on the issue? And if so, why?  Read more

A common refrain from Iraq inquiry witnesses has been that everyone believed that Saddam Hussein possessed WMD — even the French. But this is partly contradicted by Hans Blix, who suggests in his book Disarming Iraq that Jacques Chirac never believed a word of it.

George Parker, our political editor, wrote a fine piece this morning* revealing that ministers reckon they are effectively saving £4bn a year on lower benefit payouts (each year up to 2014) as a result of unemployment staying lower than experts predicted.

He disclosed that Brown and Darling plan to use this “windfall” money to fund a splurge. Read more