Daily Archives: February 25, 2010

We’ve examined Briton’s greatest top 10 historical characters – as voted for by the British public – and no fewer than six were bullies, by our calculations. Gordon Brown can rest assured.

Meanwhile here are some letters we stumbled upon today: Can’t vouch for their authenticity.

To the National Bullying Helpline.

Dear Mrs Pratt,

I trust I can count on your discretion. I need your assistance because I am being bullied left, right and centre by powerful people.

Alistair Darling described me as “the forces of hell.” The Daily Telegraph called me “Mad Dog and McPoison”. Stephen Byers said I was “aggressive and hostile” while one blogger, Devil’s Kitchen, called me a “loathsome, lying…poisonous little moron.”

I feel really put upon. I’ve even had it in the neck from Boris Johnson, mayor of London, who called me the “slug on the milk bottle” and a “lately exploded pustule.”

I hope you can help me in my hour of need.


Damian McBride

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The bullygate animators are back. This time Gordon the fighting CGI puppet is hurling a tangerine into a lamination machine (a dubious tale brought to you by Jim), smashing his computer screen with a keyboard (courtesy of Iain Dale) and flinging his mobile phone (Jim again). Jeremy Heywood, the top Downing Street civil servant, and a copy of the Financial Times also make a brief appearance. Read more