Daily Archives: February 27, 2010

Gordon Brown cracked a rather amusing joke during the Welsh Labour spring conference this afternoon. I can’t imagine he wrote it, of course, but here it goes.

“It has been a strange week,” he mused. “The only thing I haven’t been accused of recently is killing Archie Mitchell in Eastenders. For the press here: I promise you, I didn’t even lay a finger on him.” Read more

Hats off to Robert Popper, the man behind the Tangerinegate prank. This blog was the first to report the story of Gordon Brown hurling fruit into a lamination machine. But I’m delighted to say that Jim spotted it was a dubious yarn after hearing it on LBC.

We are nevertheless pleased to have brought it to public attention, not least because of the hilarious Hong Kong tangerine animation that followed. We’re also relieved that no tangerines were hurt in the making of this spoof. Read more