Daily Archives: March 1, 2010

Anyone who thinks inane journalism is a modern phenomenon should take note of this recently recovered BBC interview on October 1, 1967 with Barbara Castle – then transport secretary – on The World This Weekend. I heard it on Radio 4 yesterday morning and thought it was worth passing on. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a previous generation. Read more

For the full story it’s worth visiting ft.com or reading page 3 of today’s newspaper. But the fascinating news from the bond markets is that investors may no longer regard British government debt as AAA - if you look at the yields they are demanding on such financial instruments. (Yields = annual fixed income as a percentage of the cost of the gilts).

Since the end of November the gap between the interest rate that Britain and Germany must pay on 10-year gilts has risen from 0.35 percentage points to 0.9. Read more

Lord Ashcroft admits he is a “non-dom”

The announcement is a victory for Labour backbencher Gordon Prentice, who has consistently demanded more information about Ashcroft’s tax status

Here is the decision from January 28 by the Information Commissioner forcing the Cabinet Office to give up information concerning Ashcroft’s tax status – after FOI requests by Prentice. The commissioner gave the department 35 days to hand over the relevant documents.

Nick Robinson believes it is a serious matter

Ben Brogan argues it’s good news for the Tories

Here is the announcement from Ashcroft:

“I am making this statement in advance of the release by the Cabinet Office of limited information about the award of my peerage and of the undertakings I gave at the time. While I value my privacy, I do not want my affairs to distract from the general election campaign. Read more