Daily Archives: March 9, 2010

If you’re going to watch one set of US presidential debates as a guide to what could happen in the UK, go for 1992. Read more

The long-awaited government white paper into high speed rail is coming out on Thursday, I’m told. Expect great fanfare over Britain’s plans for super-fast trains linking London to the north.* Read more

First things first. I don’t want to underestimate the importance of Unite to Labour, and the extent to which it holds sway financially. (And again I’d recommend this column in the Times.)

Unite has given an enormous £11m to Labour since it was formed in 2007 – of which £3.5m was given last year. It has also stood in between the party and financial disaster by agreeing to keep backing it in the future. The party leadership has to listen to the barons – although their influence over policy is still not always clearcut. Read more

Don’t forget the influence over Labour of Unite and Charlie Whelan – argues Rachel Sylvester

Lord Paul says he will relinquish his non-dom status Read more