Daily Archives: March 23, 2010

The Budget will include lots of rhetoric on all the “savings” Labour have made by keeping unemployment low.

Two caveats to remember: Read more

This should be an interesting experiment tomorrow. The Conservatives are inviting economics experts, business students, City people, FT readers etc to comment on the Budget as it unfolds. Here is an introduction to the site (but not the actual one). The idea is to spot the lies, half-truths and statistical sleights of hand which are not unknown on Budget Day*.

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In defence of Geoff Hoon – Daniel Finkelstein

A local critique of Geoff Hoon from his own constituency Read more

This isn’t exactly scientific. But it has amusement value at the very least. Hat-tip to Robert Hutton at Bloomberg.

On one level you shouldn’t be too surprised to find out that Tory MP David Amess has been embarrassed over his questions on the MaldivesRead more

I’ve just spoken to Tony Mattar, director of Consolidated Contractors International, which pays Stephen Byers as a non-UK consultant (it also owns the unglamorous ACWAT water treatment company* that he chairs).

Mattar tells me that Byers is on an annual consultancy contract. “When it comes up for renewal, whether he would wish to continue or whether we would want to continue it I cannot tell at this stage,” he says. Read more

I observed on Sunday morning that Gordon Brown would have been delighted by the identity of the three former ministers caught in the Sunday Times sting: all have tried to ease him out of Downing Street. Last night it was reported that they had been suspended from the party.