Daily Archives: March 30, 2010

The folks in Downing Street will be busily choreographing Gordon Brown’s announcement for the election. There’s one unlikely venue they should consider: parliament. No prime minister has announced an election in the chamber for 75 years.

The history of all this is all laid out in a fascinating table in the Rallings and Thrasher book of British electoral factsRead more

hat-tip Guido: This was originally created by Armando Iannucci’s Time Trumpet.

The Brown team assembled today for the last full cabinet photo before the election. Two ministers were notably absent: Alistair Darling and David Miliband. They both had good excuses. But somehow it seems fitting. Was this as close as Brown will ever get to his fantasy cabinet? You have to wonder whether Ed Balls assumed the chancellor’s place. Smiles everyone!

Blair is looking even more orange than usual, and rather thin around the face. Maybe it is the bright red “A future fair for all” Labour wallpaper behind him. Rhetorically he hasn’t changed much: still lots of pregnant pauses and persuasive hand movements. Read more

No one was paying much attention to what Labour would do with its fourth term; most people had presumed that it would lose on May 6. Now that the opinion polls have narrowed, it’s worth examining what plans Gordon Brown has for the next five years. Read more