Daily Archives: April 1, 2010

Tristram Hunt has been selected tonight as Labour candidate for Stoke Central with an overwhelming 50 votes out of 71. As we predicted quite a while back. (He made the shortlist on Monday.) Read more

We’re gearing up for the election here on the Westminster blog. We’ve been leafleted by head office, telephone canvassed by the editor and identified as a key marginal in our coverage. As a result resources are pouring into this blog and you are going to witness a number of changes for the next few weeks.

Philip Stephens, our chief political columnist, will be blogging regularly throughout the election campaign. You’ll also be seeing posts from Robert Shrimsley, the editor of FT.com and a Westminster veteran who will be writing what we’ve called the Armchair Election – a hopefully humorous look at the campaign from a users’ point of view – watching the election as the public will see it through TV and websites. Read more

Just to get you in the mood for the imminent election, here is one highlight of the 2001 campaign.

Press Gazette, the Fleet Street trade mag, admits that its list of top 50 political journalists was designed to be fun rather than scientific. Still, good to see all four members of the FT’s lobby team in there.

Our political editor, George Parker, came in at fourth. Read more