Daily Archives: April 4, 2010

In fact, I can reveal, the youthful Cameron was most definitely at the party. Unlike most of his friends, however, he – along with Boris Johnson and another student called Sebastian Grigg – escaped capture by the forces of law and order.

Mr Cameron’s apparent capacity to rise almost without trace is neatly embodied in the story of his early brush with the law. Read more

How exactly will David Cameron’s tax break for married couples work? The Tories still won’t say but the The Sunday Times says it will not be giving married couples a single transferable tax allowance (the Iain Duncan Smith idea which would have subsidise stay-at-home mothers).

Chris Grayling in trouble for sympathising with B&B owners who reject gay couples Read more

You may have seen this earlier in the week after Tony Blair’s speech in Sedgefield. But it is worth watching again; and again; and again. Blair’s weird American-style vowels come in the first 15 seconds of this BBC clip. Read more