Daily Archives: April 5, 2010

Lord Mandelson is in charge of the Labour election campaign but, in reality, he has little choice but to work to Ed Balls’ playbook. The truth is that when the Tories promised to reverse part of the National Insurance tax rise, it turned this election into a big test of the Balls vision of British politics.

The origins of this lie in the November Pre-Budget Report, which set the cornerstone of the Labour message. Spending on schools went up in real terms, a great triumph for Balls at a time public sector cuts. The downside was that National Insurance had to rise. Read more

The big launch of the Lib Dem battle bus is later this morning. But your correspondent has discovered the special weapon cunningly hidden on the South side of the river.

Not many surprises: it is big and yellow and includes the word ‘change’. The most interesting thing is probably the giant picture of Vince Cable. Some of the public will no doubt be left asking: who is the young man standing next to Vince?  Read more