Daily Archives: May 8, 2010

For those of you with little knowledge of Lib Dem creed, the “triple lock” is a rule foisted on Paddy Ashdown at the legendary 1998 Southport uprising.

It basically prevents a Lib Dem leader from forming a coalition without the consent of a clear majority of his MPs and activists. It is one more time consuming hurdle for the hung parliament dealmakers. Read more

There are some good reasons why no politician would be able to deliver electoral reform in this parliament, even if they wanted to. These five points should be a reality check for all those dreaming of an electoral reform pact:

1) Winning the referendum is by no means certain According to the latest polls, reform is supported by around 46 per cent. But I’d expect that the 37 per cent who oppose it may find it easier to convince a majority to stick with Britain’s “ancient” first past the post system. Pity the politician who is asked to sell the D’Hondt formula for calculating seats under PR. Read more