Daily Archives: May 19, 2010

Conservativehome has the full story with some excellent details.

Suffice to say, Cameron has spoken to his MPs (4.30pm) and told them he wants ministers – and himself – to be allowed not only to attend meetings of the 1922 Committee but also to have voting rights. This would breach the protocol whereby only backbenchers (in peacetime) can enter such meetings. Apparently about 10 MPs spoke at the meeting, half of whom were critical; including Bill Cash. Read more

Here are some of the more notable appointments in the latest batch of appointments. (Stay tuned: the job still isn’t finished.)

· Commercial Secretary – Sir James Sassoon Read more

The launch of Ed Balls’ leadership bid today is a reminder of why his efforts may founder; he’s just too close to the ancien regime. As former acolyte of Gordon Brown he will always struggle to set out an alternative vision for Labour without knifing the former prime minister. Read more

Mark Davies, who served in the trenches with Jack Straw for five years, was one of the most effective, professional and down to earth Labour special advisers around.

You can all have a glimpse at what a SpAd’s job should be — and what it’s like to be turfed out of office — in this fantastic piece he penned for the GuardianRead more