Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

It was William Hague who predicted in 1999 that the public response to Labour would go through four phases: His timing was amiss but the sentiment was correct. It’s a similar angle to the saying that all political careers end in failure.

For when I spoke to you in this hall two years ago I said that New Labour would bring first fascination, then admiration, then disillusionment and finally contempt. At that stage the admiration was running high; now the disillusionment is beginning; and mark my words, they are not so far away from contempt.”

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We normally stick to UK politics. But I couldn’t resist passing on this gem from the New York Times, sent by one of my senior colleagues in the US. The Washington journalists are up in arms about not being allowed to travel on the charter plane that accompanies Air Force One, the report says. Read more