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The government today (Tuesday) releases a list of the 172 civil servants who earn more than £150,000 a year. Some of it is not new information – for example the permanent secretaries’ salaries – although it’s instructive to have it all in one place.

Credit for these disclosures should go to Gordon Brown, who announced the move last November while he was prime minister.

Curiously, 11 mandarins refused to disclose their salaries; it is not clear why the government can’t publish them without permission. Another three were withheld, presumably for reasons of security.

Bear in mind that these salaries are dwarfed by some at various publically-funded bodies, however. Kevin Lygo, director of programmes at Channel 4, picked up £1.14m in 2008/9. Adam Crozier earned £995,000 in the same year and Iain Coucher, head of Network Rail, picked up £830,000.

These should be among the further disclosure of payments later in the year from all public bodies as David Cameron widens out the process of disclosure. (He is also lowering the threshold to £58,000 by January).

Here is the entire list. In the meantime here are all 21 of those over £200,000:

Gus O’Donnell, cabinet secretary – £235,000-239,999

Stephen Laws, first parliamentary counsel – £225,000-229,999

Robert Parker: parliamentary counsel – £210,000-214,999 Read more

John Redwood argues that the job of chief secretary to the Treasury is more political than financial; and therefore Danny Alexander does not need City of London experience. This, curiously, is borne out by a bit of hasty research on my part:

Of the last 14 politicians in the job – spanning two decades – not one seems to have spent significant time in the City; apart from David Laws.

UPDATE: Liam Byrne also spent a couple of years at NM Rothschild in the mid-1990s

(2009-10) Liam Byrne: management consultant at Accenture (and entrepreneur)

(2008-9) Yvette Cooper: economics researcher and economics correspondent

(2007-8) Andy Burnham: researcher, and administrator for Football Task Force

(2006-7) Stephen Timms: worked in telecoms

( 2005-6) Des Browne: solicitor

(2002-2005) Paul Boateng: solicitor Read more

I’ve never met Danny Alexander, the new chief secretary to the Treasury, and have no axe to grind on his behalf. I also share the widespread concerns about whether he has David Laws’ mettle for the job. More than a week ago this blog was pondering how the 38-year old had gone from Cairngorms National Park press officer to key government figure in only five years.

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