Daily Archives: June 2, 2010

The 20-odd elections to the shadow cabinet won’t take place until the autumn, after the new Labour leader is in place.

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William Hague just colourfully summed up what sounds like a pretty poor Israeli effort to offer consular access to detained activists.

Because of the Israeli “lack of preparation” and confusion over the status of some detainees, Hague said British diplomats were being forced to “go to the prison, hammer on doors and ask people if they are British”.  Read more

There’s been lots of huffing and puffing about Andy Coulson’s pay since the government published the civil servant “rich list”.

But the truth is that most special advisers are working without a contract. Nothing has been officially sorted and no one has been paid a penny — yet. It’s almost Cameron’s Big Society in action. Read more

Prime minister’s questions was a fairly dull affair, the mood sombre against the backdrop of the Cumbria shootings.

The best line went to David Cameron, however, rebutting Harriet Harman’s criticism of his plans for a tax break for married couples. Asked whether £3 a week was enough to make any married couple stay together, his reply was stinging. Read more