Daily Archives: June 3, 2010

Living up to her feminist credentials, Harriet Harman today told the Unite conference that she wanted half the shadow cabinet to be female. Her speech seemed somewhat lacking in logic, however.

We have some excellent experienced women and some brilliant new women MPs. We still do have twice as many men MPs as women. The Labour men are great – but they are not twice as good as the women – so I want the PLP when we revise our rules for shadow cabinet elections to have 50.50 men and women in the shadow. It’s time for Labour women to step out of the shadows.

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Earlier in the week I wrote that it would be interesting to see who Jon Cruddas came out in support for during the leadership contest – given that he was a cigarette paper away from standing himself.

Today, I’m told, he’s likely to to nominate Diane Abbott, doubling her tally of names in one stroke of the pen. Until now she only had the backing of David Lammy, who – some presume – may intend to support David Miliband in the final showdown. Read more