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Andrew George prompted a small ripple nine days ago when he put forward an amendment to part of the finance bill demanding that ministers assess the social impact of the VAT rise. Meanwhile two other Lib Dem MPs made a symbolic vote about an element of the bill that night.

This Tuesday, a week later, there seemed to be no further rebellion from the MPs in yellow.

Except that Mr George (along with four other Lib Dems MPs*)put forward four amendments, one of which was an attempt to exempt charities, public authorities and people living in small homes. For some unknown reason the MP for St Ives withdrew his motion on Tuesday night. Why? Read more

We wrote this morning that David Cameron’s attempts to lure a trade minister from the private sector have so far fallen on stony ground.

We revealed that those who have said “no, thank you” include Sir John Rose, chief executive of Rolls-Royce, and Mervyn Davies (pictured), former chairman of Standard Chartered, who was trade minister under Labour. Read more

I can’t claim this one is a scoop: press release just in from the Communication Workers Union. Relief in the Balls camp no doubt. Read more

The news is in; the first big trade union has put its backing behind Ed Miliband. The GMB. It’s an important endorsement and will feed the growing feeling that Mili-E could still win through with backing from the unions, grassroots and those vital second preferences. Read more

It turns out that it was all a misunderstanding. Downing St didn’t ask Facebook to take down the Raoul Moat fan club page. Instead a phone call was made to inform the company that it had this unpleasant material on its site – in case it hadn’t noticed. So we are told by the government this morning: “I don’t think we’re in favour of censorship,” said the official spokesman.

Perhaps Cameron thought twice about the implications of a liberal coalition (with a small l and a big L) trying to censor a private company. Read more

Constituents rejoice.

It transpires that you will be seeing your MPs earlier than you thought. Instead of breaking up on July 29 Parliament may break up two days earlier; July 27. The change depends on a motion put forward today by Sir George Young, leader of the House of Commons. Read more

After you, Peter

After you, Peter

It was hard to imagine Andrew Adonis completely abandoning Whitehall for the lure the private sector. He covered it for the FT, crafted plans to reshape it in Blair’s policy unit, and then pestered officials (day and night) to implement his vision as a minister. Read more

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