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Not necessarily, despite a report in this morning’s Times warning of an “autumn of discontent” involving lots of unions.

As I report in today’s ft.com, the TUC’s general council met last month to discuss whether to kick off a huge protest this October or next March. Rapid action this autumn was urged by some of the smaller firebrand unions (PCS, FBU, RMT etc). Read more

THe PM and his deputy will have to defend unpopular cuts

The PM and his deputy will have to defend unpopular cuts

David Cameron and Nick Clegg wrote to the cabinet this morning to remind them the government’s top priority remains “deficit reduction and continuing to ensure economic recovery”. It might seem strange that they would have to say this, having only recently announced cuts of up to 40% for some departments, and with the comprehensive spending review not yet completed.

But the letter betrays the beginnings of a split within the coalition between those who want to stay focused on axing public spending and those who want ministers to start talking about where growth is going to come from. Read more

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