Daily Archives: August 24, 2010

Jon Wood is the hedge fund supremo who bet against the nationalisation of Northern Rock more than two years ago and lost. Just before the election he gave the Tories half a million pounds, according to yesterday’s Electoral Commission figures.

Wood, founder of SRM Global, was the party’s second biggest donor during the second quarter of this year. A friend of the financier tells me that he wanted to help David Cameron’s party because he believes the Tories share his pro-market, entrepreneurial attitudes. He also very much wanted to see Gordon Brown loseRead more

The Australian election has been fun to observe from the other side of the planet, what with the back-stabbing of Kevin Rudd, the shaky campaign and the hung Parliament.

I have a curious fact about voting Down Under which you may not know about. In elections for the senate (their upper house) there are multiple candidates for some states such as Victoria and New South Wales. Because the system is AV* you have the “below the line” choice of listing up to 80 candidates in order of preference. Read more

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