Daily Archives: August 25, 2010

I wasn’t sure I entirely agreed with the Times’ interpretation of its David Miliband column today in which the Labour leadership candidate said the party shouldn’t naively return to its ‘comfort zone’. That newspaper wrote it up as an all-out assault on his brother.

(The splash was Gloves off as Miliband rounds on his brother – attack on naive rivals for Labour leadership). Read more

I’ll provide a link to the relevant bit of the IPSA site in a minute (it’s under the FOI section of this page). But meanwhile here are some extracts of encounters between MPs and staff at the new expenses body. They don’t reflect too well on MPs, to say the least, given that many of the Ipsa staff are young female temps.

(Credit to Simon Walters at the Mail on Sunday for providing much of the flavour in this article two weeks ago…)

Reported incidents of behaviour of MPs towards IPSA staff:

- “At several times during the session he exclaimed, “This system is a f***ing abortion!”, which I found deeply inappropriate and offensive.”

- “He struck the laptop on the facilitator’s desk and loomed over the facilitator in an intimidating manner.”

- “Walked off on a staff member in the middle of her explanation, branding all the trainers and staff ‘monkey’.” Read more

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