Daily Archives: September 9, 2010

So far the News of the World phone hacking affair has run largely along party lines. Labour MPs have lined up to call for various inquiries and investigations, while the Tories and Lib Dems have kept largely silent, with Number 10 issuing denials that Andy Coulson knew anything about the hacking that we do know took place.

Today that changed. A fired up Commons has voted unanimously to refer the matter to the  committee on standards and privileges, the most powerful Commons committee, and one which has the power to subpoena witnesses. Read more

How can you appease the Lib Dem opposition to student fees without caving in to demands for a graduate tax?

That’s the question taxing the minds of some senior Tories, who want to see the coalition survive the explosive politics of university funding. Read more

Robert Chote, the former FT economics editor and head of the IFS, has been chosen to salvage the reputation of the Office for Budget Responsibility.

No one can question George Osborne’s willingness to appoint someone with a impeccable track record of annoying chancellors. Read more

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