Daily Archives: September 29, 2010

As I revealed earlier Rosie Winterton is set to be the new chief whip; she is the only person standing for the job.

Meanwhile there are 49 names standing for the shadow cabinet. They are, in alphabetical order:

Diane Abbott

Douglas Alexander

Ed Balls Read more

You can watch an interview with Miliband here on Sky. Meanwhile here is his formal resignation statement:

Dear Alan,

For nine years South Shields and the South Shields Labour Party have given me great support. I look forward to that continuing for many years to come. The extraordinary efforts of party members – from Shields and across the country – during my leadership campaign made me feel very proud indeed of our shared values and shared vision. Read more

Ed Miliband has just released a letter to Nick Brown welcoming his decision not to run for chief whip – the job he had held under Gordon Brown.

The decision came after Nick Brown sought assurances from the new leader that he had his confidence; I’m told that the answer was no. Brown, MP for Newcastle East, won’t stand for the shadow cabinet and is now returning to the back benches. The word sweeping conference is that Rosie Winterton is likely to replace him. Read more

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FT sketchwriter Matthew Engel and I discussed over breakfast the best way for David Miliband to bow out; which now seems 99 per cent likely. Does he do a speech? A written statement? Some kind of pooled TV interview?

The former carries the risk of him overshadowing Ed once again. The second option may not be sufficient to satisfy the media hunger. So we are presuming the third option some time this afternoon – no doubt near the 5pm deadline by which time MPs have to say whether they are running for the shadow cabinet. Read more