Daily Archives: October 6, 2010

David Cameron yesterday sought to allay fears about the impact of removing child benefit for people in the upper income tax bracket – suggesting that a transferable tax allowance could ease the pain.

He told the BBC: “Obviously, it’s coming in 2013 and we have also got to look at other things we have promised to do. If you look, for instance, at the issue of the stay-at-home mother, we do talk in the coalition government about having some sort of transferable tax allowance to help couples in that way.”

The only catch is that the allowance – at least in the form it was announced pre-election – would not really make much difference to those affected. That is because a] it was planned for those on low incomes and b] it amounted to only £150 a year*. So it is a case of apples and pears. Plus c] the Lib Dems have reserved the right to vote against the idea. Read more

CC: 15:44 Not a barnstormer – but I doubt whether the Birmingham Symphony Hall is quite the venue for barnstormers. The hall is too sedate to warm up properly. Delegates seem to feel more comfortable clapping politely and reaching for their opera glasses than getting geed up. Yesterday, a teacher in the hall managed to get the audience whooping and cheering – but then it was dead again within moments.

Cameron did manage to generate a few flashes of heat from the crowd. When the AV referendum and Europe came up, Cameron won the audience over with some red meat. But the combination of the symphony hall – and the Big Society passages, which weren’t pulse-raisers – kept the response low-key. Read more