Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Francis Maude has published his Whitehall organograms, as I predicted yesterday morning. They give new details into which civil servants work for which mandarins on what pay grade – to a level of detail that even the most forensic of geeks might find a bit overwhelming. Here is the site and here is the Guardian‘s story on it.

The only observation I can add is that the Treasury, Foreign Office and Home Office aren’t on the list. Hopefully the Cabinet Office will explain in due course. Read more

Pat McFadden has become the latest senior Labour figure to question the party’s own proposals for a graduate tax, urging his colleagues instead to back the coalition’s plan for further education funding laid out by Lord Browne this week – writes Elizabeth Rigby.

In a shot across the bows of Ed Miliband, his new leader, the Blairite former business minister of state said yesterday that Labour should stop opposing the plans and concentrate on making the Browne proposals more palatable to less affluent pockets of society. Lord Browne’s report on higher education, which is likely to be backed by the coalition, has advocated charging more for courses funded through student loans rather than a pure graduate tax. Read more

In December 2009 David Cameron made a speech in which he promised to reduce the burden of health and safety. His most heart-rending example was that of a small boy who drowned while fishing for tadpoles. As Cameron told his audience:

What’s more, the fear of transgressing all these rules causes people to stand aside when others need help.

This was most tragically illustrated in Wigan two years ago, when a ten year old drowned in a pond, having rescued his young sister, because officers were told not to intervene as they hadn’t undertaken their ‘water rescue’ health and safety training.

But was it a true story? Read more

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