Daily Archives: November 19, 2010

When Cameron heads too deep into the westcountry, whether for work or pleasure, things never seem to go to plan.

Some members of his team are already muttering about the “Curse of Cornwall”. Read more

A remarkable number of the new Conservative peers share a common past: knowing David Cameron when he was a young Tory apparatchik.

It is tempting to conclude the honours list is payback to some people who helped him rise to the top. But that is probably a bit unfair. It more reflects the fact that Cameron is the first Tory prime minister to rise from the party’s staff ranks. Read more

With the release this morning of data detailing every Whitehall payment above £25,000, some of the frustrations with analysing public data to which journalists have become accustomed were absent. Nevertheless, making sense of the mountain of data still posed significant technical challenges. Read more

UPDATE: Lord Young has resigned Read more

Notable names include: Fiona Shackleton (is this to make amends for Royal divorce business drying up?); Stewart Wood, the Oxford don turned Labour backroom star; Michael Grade, the former executive chairman of ITV; Patience Wheatcroft of the Wall Street Journal (we’re still waiting for a gong for the Westminster Blog); John Sharkey, the former ad man who led the Lib Dem election campaign; and Stanley Fink, the godfather of the hedge fund industry.

Full list below: Read more

Margaret Thatcher always had a soft spot for David Young, the businessman who brought some “can do” spirit to the old Department of Trade and Industry.

Baroness Thatcher said of Lord Young: “Other people brought me problems. David brought me solutions.” Read more