Jim Pickard Full list of new Whitehall non-execs from the business world

The announcement has just gone out about the business leaders who will now sit on Whitehall boards. Lord Browne, former head of BP, was responsible for reeling in several big names including Andrew Witty of GlaxoSmithKline, Barbara Stocking of Oxfam and Sam Laidlaw of Centrica. Curiously there are gaps in the DWP and Defence where no appropriate candidate could be found.

A full list of appointed Non-Executive Board Members is:

a.     Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Andrew Witty, Julia King*, Brian Woods-Scawen*
b.     Cabinet Office: Lord Browne*, Ian Davis, Rona Fairhead, Dame Barbara Stocking (pictured)
c.     Communities and Local Government: Sara Weller, Stephen Hay*
d.     Department for Culture, Media and Sport: David Verey,
e.     Department for Education: Anthony Salz, John Nash, Theodore Agnew, Sue John
f.      Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Iain Ferguson
g.     Home Office: Val Gooding, Philip Augar*
h.     Department for International Development: Vivienne Cox, Doreen Langston*
i.      Ministry of Justice: Jim Leng, Dame Sue Street, Anne Bulford*, David MacLeod*
j.      Department for Transport: Sam Laidlaw, Sally Davis*, Ed Smith*, Alan Cook*
k.     HM Treasury: Baroness Hogg, Dame Deirdre Hutton*, Sir Callum McCarthy*, Michael O’Higgins*