Daily Archives: February 1, 2011

Polly Curtis at the Guardian has revealed that Lord Wei, the “Big Society tsar”, is cutting his hours because he “just doesn’t have the time” to fulfil the unsalaried role. (Incidentally he hadn’t realised it was unpaid when he took it on).

Working for free three days a week is not compatible with “having a life”, the peer has realised.  The irony is not lost on Curtis, who points out: “It could become the allegory of the “big society” age.”

I revealed in this morning’s FT that the government has invited the advertising/media industry to create and publish millions of pounds worth of ads for free. The idea – based on the USA’s Ad Council - would be the industry’s contribution to the Big Society.

The move comes after the coalition has already slashed its spending on advertising and marketing from £200m to £100m since the general election. The industry has published its reply- and for some unfathomable reason its members are not overwhelmingly keen. Read more