Daily Archives: February 6, 2011

If the pro-alternative vote believers are hoping that Labour will throw its weight behind their campaign they may need to think again.

Not only is Miliband umming and aah-ing about sharing a platform with Nick Clegg – tonight the Guardian claim he will not – but there are other signs of Labour’s reluctance. Read more

In case you missed Friday’s FT it’s worth reading this classic column by our economics guru Samuel Brittan, questioning the way in which today’s politicians enlist the wisdom of Keynes to justify their actions today. His point: no one knows quite how the famous economist would respond to events 65 years after his own death.

As Brittan points out, even Adam Smith can be cited in defence of social democracy or Thatcherism alike. For the full column follow through to this link - free for FT subscribers – but for now here is a taste: Read more