Daily Archives: February 14, 2011

Labour is dropping the word “New” in its email addresses, according to a story by Craig Woodhouse at the Evening Standard*.

It’s an interesting development. I had thought that Ed Miliband’s promise to end “New Labour” was a rush of blood to the head after he won the leadership; especially as he then tried to tack back towards the centre ground in the ensuing months. (Refusing to go on a TUC rally, failing to speak out about high executive pay, etc). Read more

Cold turkey would hardly have been a sensible way for the UK to withdraw aid from India. There are too many DfID programmes on the ground that still need British support, reflecting the fact that the UK (the last time I checked) had a near 30 per cent share of all bilateral foreign aid to the country.  Read more

David Davis is busy stocking up for Westminster’s underground party of the year.

Here’s the invitation freshly sent out to a select group of likeminded troublemakers: Read more

Danny Alexander will today tell Parliament that £2.3bn of defence kit has been designated as “lost” for good, according to a splash in the Times today. The figure will emerge as part of the spring supplementary estimates* produced by all government departments this week.

That raises further questions about the £6.6bn of missing kit exposed by the National Audit Office in 2009. Read more