Le Pen heaps praise on Cameron

This is probably not the kind of endorsement Downing Street expected.

Marine Le Pen, the new leader of the French National Front, has saluted David Cameron’s speech rejecting multiculturalism.

“It is exactly this type of statement that has barred us from public life for 30 years,” she told the Financial Times. “I sense an evolution at European level, even in classic governments. I can only congratulate him.”

In an interview with my colleague Peggy Hollinger in Paris, Le Pen goes on to claim that Cameron is more closely aligning himself with the views of the National Front, a party founded by her firebrand father Jean-Marie.

…..Ms Le Pen said it was “indisputable” that Mr Cameron was taking his party closer to the traditional positions held by the National Front. “Moreover,” she said, “he will do something about it, unlike Nicolas Sarkozy who talks a lot without taking political decisions.”

Team Cameron are not returning the compliments. A Tory spokesman said:

“She has clearly failed to understand the prime minister’s speech.”