Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

Steve Webb, welfare minister, today announced curbs on government “crisis loans”, which are a lifeline to families unable to afford basic needs.

Demand is currently outstripping the Treasury funds available. So the emergency loans will no longer cover beds and cookers, the rates will be cut and an annual cap applied to payouts. Read more

There are some quite astonishing stats on the proposed benefit cap, which from 2013 will stop families on out-of-work benefits from receiving more than £26,000 a year.

This one is my favourite. A third of those hit by the rule change are lone parents with five children or moreRead more

A cracking scoop from Nick Timmins this morning on yet another important coalition policy retreat.

Andrew Lansley has — under some duress — ditched one of the most controversial aspects of his NHS overhaul: allowing hospitals to compete on treatment prices. Read more