Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

At the Tory spring conference in Cardiff last weekend, the number of protesters could be counted in double figures, according to journalists at the event.

By contrast there were an estimated 300 malcontents at a Lib Dem Scotland conference at the same time. Some Lib Dems fear that the number of demonstrators coming to Sheffield for the party’s spring conference this weekend could run into tens of thousandsRead more

Interesting to see the BBC today picking up the letter to the Telegraph from 21 “high-profile” businessmen and Tories complaining about the high-speed rail project.

Britain’s public service broadcaster forgot to cover a letter two weeks ago – from over 60 businessmen – in favour of HS2, which I wrote about in the FT. Read more

It may have seemed like a throwaway comment but there was method behind Ed Miliband’s insult towards David Cameron during prime minister’s questions yesterday:

The prime minister may act like he is born to rule but the problem is he is not very good at it”.

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