Daily Archives: March 30, 2011

Last time Arnie was in town (last October) Downing St made a few groan-worthy jokes about how he would help “terminate” the deficit. He promised: “I’ll be back.”

True to his word, the former governor of California returned today, attending a gathering of the Tory backbench 1922 committee. The appearance conjures up the surreal vision of grand Conservative backbenchers mingling with the star of Terminator, Conan the Barbarian and, er, Jingle all the Way. Nick Watt at the Guardian has tweeted that David Cameron unveiled the muscular movie star as his “secret weapon” just before the meeting this afternoon in a Commons committee room. Arnie told Watt: “It was very good to pump them up, to tell them they’re doing a great job on Libya.” Read more

When the new chair of the BBC, Chris Patten, admitted he was not a fan of TV soap operas it caused a mild ripple. His comments had been somewhat misquoted to suggest he didn’t watch telly at all. In fact he said: “I take slight exception to the argument that I hardly watch television, it is true you don’t find me in front of Eastenders.”

But what to make of Jeremy Hunt admitting today that he hasn’t borrowed a library book for a decade? I was at the culture committee this morning* but slipped out just before Tom Watson asked Hunt when he last borrowed a book from a library. The answer: “Certainly not in the last decade.” Read more

As news emerges of Ed Miliband’s impending nuptials, FT Westminster has obtained a secret copy of his draft speech:

“I’m so sorry that David cannot be here today, having been called away at short notice to a conference in Patagonia. David, I love you so much as a brother. Read more